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Pre-Primary Community

18 months - 2.5 years

The Four Seasons pre-primary program is for 18 months to 2.5 year olds. In this group we focus on the Reggio-Emilia approach allowing the children to explore new boundaries as they learn to control their new found impulses. This is a community of high energy and rapid growth.

The teacher to student ratio is low for this group to provide meaningful opportunities for expanding their social abilities and ever increasing language development. While children in this age group blossom and learn in the community environment, their play is primarily independent or parallel. Great attention is given to their social-emotional development as they learn how to express and verbalize thoughts and emotions within the school community. Through the use of dramatic play, stories, sensory materials, large and small motor activities, hands-on expressions in art, and music/movement the teacher guides the children in laughing and learning in a loving and nurturing environment.

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