We believe that the highest virtue in any culture is love. If we choose the highest love in any situation, then we will have made the best decision for you and your children.


We know that your children’s safety is of the utmost importance. There will be no compromise in the safety of your family.


The truth is the only way that long term relationships work successfully. We will be prompt and honest in our communications with you on behalf of your family’s relationship with us. We will be as accurate as we can be and will expect the same level of honesty in your communication with us.


The ability to work is both a responsibility and an asset. Part of your children’s day will be encouragement to get involved in the satisfaction of the work of life.


We will meet you and your family with enthusiasm and the anticipation of the learning experience that your children will share with us.


The willingness to show consideration, appreciation, courtesy and kindness toward everyone will be a distinctive trait of our character.


To keep our bodies healthy and our minds functioning, we will eat nutrient dense foods that give us energy and balance. Your children will learn to be aware of how the food they eat impacts their success and growth.