About Us 


Four Seasons Community School is an open concept space, where the children all work and play together in a child centered teacher-guided environment. Our ideology and approach are inspired by Tools of the Mind and Reggio-Emilia, both of which encourage collaborative play-based learning with a common purpose. In order to maintain a balanced community, class placement is based on schedule availability and developmental readiness.

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3909 Adelphi Lane, near the intersection of Parmer and Mopac. We have over 6000sf of bright, open, airy rooms and lots of shaded, green outdoor space to explore.


Goals of our school:

To create a setting in which children will find joy, comfort, and gentleness as well as an

abundance of opportunities for collaborative play, creative expression, exploration, language and literacy support, and self-discovery according to individual needs, interests, and abilities.

To assist each child to grow to his fullest potential by recognizing each stage of development and fashioning an environment designed to nurture and facilitate growth during each stage.

To help children achieve independence, self-regulation, social competence, critical thinking, enthusiasm for learning, positive attitudes, intellectual growth, executive function, empathy, and an organized approach to problem solving.

To assist parents in understanding the developmental stages of their child, enabling them to

contribute most effectively to the child's growth and enrichment.